WP10 - Project Management



  • Finalize the consortium agreement, which will regulate procedures and working methods with respect to the coordination, the results, reporting, and dissemination and exploitation activities;

  • Assure that the governing and operative bodies as described in the management structure are set up and made fully operative and receive full administrative support;

  • Clarify all management, administrative and financial procedures to all participants;Manage all financial transactions and closely monitor individual participant situations;

  • Plan, monitor and control project progress and outputs, and take corrective actions;

  • Carry out progress reporting and financial reporting of the whole project to the European Commission.


  • Kick off meeting (M10.1)

  • Steering Committee and Scientific Coordination Team Meetings (M10.2)

  • Scientific, management and financial reports (D10.1)

  • Scientific, management and financial reports (D10.2)

  • Final scientific, management and financial report (D10.3)


The partner responsible for the accomplishment of this Work Package is Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione - ITALY