The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) is Israel’s oldest and one of Its prime universities (over 22,000 students and 1,200 tenured faculty), with researchers at the forefront of international science and humanities.

1. The University is home to 100 subject-related and interdisciplinary research centers.

2. About 3,800 research projects are in progress at the University, and 1,500 new projects are started each year.

3. Nearly 40% of all civilian scientific research in Israel is conducted at HUJI.

The Geography Department of HUJI is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences. It houses programs in: Environmental Management Planning & Policy, Physical Geography, Urban Geography & Regional Studies and Historical-Geography.

This integration of natural and social sciences is designed to produce effective policy outcomes. The Institute of Urban and Regional Studies of HUJI offers a specialization program in urban and regional planning/studies. It is one of the two major graduate programs for urban planners in Israel and is intensively engaged in urban and environmental research and applied planning projects.