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Pescara, the most populated city of the Adriatic coast, is the commercial and administrative centre of Abruzzo region, one of the most dynamic of the last decade thanks to the important historical developments of industrial activities based on the manufacture of metals, furniture, clothes, cement, liquors, pre-cooked-food and dyes, which has allowed the creation of a large number of firms. Thanks to its past industrial vitality, this region has experienced a new valuation in the Italian economic system.
The territory of the Chieti-Pescara urban area has been divided, for our purposes, into three main parts: “central city”, “inner suburban ring”, “outer suburban ring”. The central city covers a surface of 111 km² and has a population of 175416 inhabitants (2001 census); the inner ring covers a surface of 332 km² and has a population of 58888 inhabitants (2001 census); the outer ring covers a surface of 532 km² and has a population of 152932 inhabitants. This area is limited by the sea, at East, and by the National Park of Majella, at West. The central city is constituted by the main cities - Chieti and Pescara - the first one having an ancient origin on the hill, the second one having a recent origin along the plane and the coast.
The Pescara city can be considered as the spontaneous “branch” of the city of Chieti, followed to the technological innovations which characterised the XXth century. In recent years, a new settlement along the Pescara river was created. It is constituted by houses, business parks, shopping centres, industries, without points of discontinuity. The Chieti-Pescara urban area is characterised by a linear system of infrastructures, with many points of intersection, which creates a kind of net of roads. In particular, what has to be underlined is the presence of two perpendicular highways: the A24/A25 connecting the Central-Western part of Italy to the Central-Eastern part and the A14 connecting the North-Eastern part of Italy to the South-Eastern part. To those highways, a local freeway (asse attrezzato) must be added, which connects the city of Chieti with the city of Pescara, intersecting both the A24/25 and the A14 highways.