It is important to describe the contacts with the end users in different forms, not just formal meetings, because the reality of the everyday cooperation with end users happens more through the manifold and individual contacts, not only in formal meetings. The progressing and deepening cooperation with the end users is not adequately given through the counting of formal meetings and visits although these are important, and includes the following forms:
  1. Formal meetings with end users;
  2. Formal contacts with end users for the review of SECOA reports;
  3. End user contacts during research work;
  4. Contacts with additional end users and “multipliers".

LIST of the end users involvement activities carried out by partners.

Apart from the activities carried out at local level, SECOA organized:

The 1st Workshop of the End-users Panel representatives was held in Oostende - Belgium - in occasion of the 2nd Project Meeting.

The 2nd Workshop of the End-users Panel, held in Jerusalem in occasion of the 3rd Project Meeting (29 November - 2 December 2011).

The 3rd Workshop of the End-users Panel, held in Mumbai in occasion of the 6th Project Meeting (3-7 December 2012).