4th Project Meeting. Jerusalem, Israel


The 4th SECOA project meeting took place in Jerusalem from the 29th November to the 3rd of December 2011 and was hosted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The project is going to achieve its first milestone: Conclusion of the Case Studies Analysis (climate change, natural hazards, environmental stresse, social economic and cultural dimensions of urban development, conflicts of uses in case studies. This is a very important step for the project as it opens the path for the development of a taxonomy of all the possible forms of conflicts as arising from the case studies, and for the design of a model for an alternative urban development. All these issues were presented and planned during the meeting.

Besides, the members of the End Users Panel participated to the meeting and to the dedicated Workshop, where the first project results have been shown and discussed. Sixteen representatives of most of the end users organizations involved participated to the session, contributing to the discussion and helping the project to be as much final users targeted as possible:

- Coastal Division of the Flemish Governmen from Belgium
- Municipality of Civitavecchia and ISPRA (Institute for the Environment Protection and Research) from Italy
- Municipality of Albufeira from Portugal
- Vellinge Municipality from Sweden
- Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and National Voice of Coastal Communities from United Kingdom
- Hai Phong People's Council, Vinh Bao District Party Committee, Phong Trading and Transportation Co.,Ltd, Hai Phong Departments of: Foreign Affairs, Science and - Technology, Agriculture and Rural Development, Environmental Protection from Vietnam
The Advisory Board members from the Geological Survey of Finland and from the International Federation for Housing and Planning also participated to the meeting, giving an important added value to the project development.
The field trips to the National case studies (Haifa and Netanya) and to Jerusalem took place on the last two days of the project.
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