6th Project Meeting - Mumbai, India

The 6th SECOA project meeting took place in Mumbai from the 3rd to 7th of December 2012. The project is in its second phase: the taxonomy and the modeling have been created and they will be used for the case studies scenarios. The 1st Workshop with the stakeholders has been held and a second is foreseen. All these issues were presented and planned during the meeting.

Besides, the members of the End Users Panel participated to the meeting and to the dedicated Workshop. The following End Users participated to the sessions, contributing to the discussion and helping the project to be as much final users targeted as possible:                                        india2

1.    Ministry of the Flemish Region (Department Town and Country Planning) from Belgium
2.    ISPRA (Institute for the Environment Protection and Research) from Italy
3.    DGPM (Directorate General for Maritime Policy) from Portugal
4.    Älvstranden Utveckling AB from Sweden
5.    Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust from United Kingdom
6.    National Voice of Coastal Communities from United Kingdom
7.    Ecoocean (NGO) from Israel
8.    IIEM (Indian Institute of Environmental Medicine) from India

The Advisory Board member from the Geological Survey of Finland also participated to the meeting, giving an important added value to the project development.

A Capacity Building workshop was organized and targeted to the students of UNIPUNE.

During the meeting, a tour of Greater Mumbai and an optional guided visit of Elephanta Caves were organized by University of Pune.

Agenda and Minutes