Affiliated to University of Lisbon, where it was established in 1943, the Department of Geography / Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG-UL) has been the largest Geography school and the main university based research institution on geographical sciences in Portugal since its foundation. The Dep. of Geography / CEG-UL has a staff of 36 PhD graduates teaching and researching in full time, plus 10 associated senior researchers and 33 junior researchers (PhD applicants and master students), developing multidisciplinary advanced studies in the fields of environment, urban systems, human mobilities (transportation, migrations and tourism), town and regional planning, territorial policy and governance, local development, and geo-computation and spatial modeling.

Since 1996, CEG-UL is periodically subject to evaluation by international panels of independent scientists organized by the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology, having been systematically rated as ‘Excellent’ (the highest grade awarded by the panel). Having achieved a remarkable position as a geographical school and research institution in the international context too, the Dep. of Geography / CEG-UL is often visited by professors and researchers from other countries and all its senior researchers have been invited to co-operate in international teams, as well as to teach and give lectures in foreign universities.

The Dep. of Geography/ CEG-UL is provided by modern computing equipment and software, owning a well equipped GIS lab, a Physical Geography lab, a vast photo and map archive, as well as and the best Iberian library specialised on geographical issues.