University of Pune - Scitech Park

The University of Pune (formerly known as University of Poona) was established on 10th  February, 1948. Currently the University of Pune is one of the largest universities in the world with more than 0.5 million students studying in 52 post-graduate departments and research centres, 6 inter-disciplinary centres, 466 graduate colleges and 232 recognized institutions affiliated to the university. It is most preferred destination by international students, particularly from Asia, Africa and Middle-East.

Science and Technology Park (STP)

STP, University of Pune has been established in the year 1988 and promoted by National Science and Technology Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India as one of the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Parks (STEP.). STP acts as an interface to bring complete cohesion between the researchers & industry to work for mutual benefits and for the benefit of the society at large. It is a bridge between academia and industries. The focus area of STP is Management of Intellectual Property and Transfer of Technologies, building database of emerging technologies, organizing high-end need based training programmes, training in innovation management, entrepreneurship and start ups, promotion of industrial partnership with academia for collaborative research, contract research and joint technology development. STP converts into applied technology some of the discoveries and inventions as well as published papers of the University departments

Department of Geography

The department was established in 1950. It provides advance education in Geography through academic programmes leading to M. A./M. Sc. and Ph. D. Degrees. The Department has started a P.G. B.Sc. applied course in Remote Sensing & GIS from year 2002 and M.Sc. in Geo-informatics course in 2006. The Department is well equipped with (i) Geomorphology Lab,(ii) Computer Lab (iii) Remote Sensing & GIS Lab (iv) Weather station recognized by IMD (v) Map & Book library.

This is the only department in India that a strong Physical geography as well as Human geography group. The academic programs provide courses in four specializations, namely, Geomorphology, Climatology, Economic Geography and Population and Settlement Geography.

In 1979, the “Institute of Indian Geographers” (IIG), was established by the teachers of the department. The association brings out a biannual research journal “Transactions”, which has earned national as well as international acclaim. The association has been organizing annual conferences in different parts of the country.