London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University is the largest university institution in London, and this project combines research staff from three of its leading research institutes: Working Lives Research Institute, the Cities Institute, and the International Institute for Culture, Tourism and Development (IICTD).

Working Lives Research Institute, with 26 staff, will provide overall co-ordination of the UK work. It has extensive research experience on human mobility, especially of migration and tourism, and of researching social and economic changes, especially welfare and distribution issues. It works closely with government and NGOs.

The Cities Institute undertakes research into urban society in its human, physical and economic dimensions. Its research takes an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach to analyzing the concepts, policies and practices of particular cities. Key themes in its work include sustainable development, quality of life, social inclusion, urban design quality, and cultural diversity. It undertakes environmental audits, GIS mapping and spatial analysis, social & economic impact assessments, policy analyses, and social and economic surveys.

The IICTD specializes in research on development, including tourism, culture and heritage, but especially on sustainability. It has experience of working in Indonesia, Vietnam, Pacific Islands, and the Mediterranean, and has worked on both climate change and environmental systems. The 3 institutes have a combined staff of more than 40, annual research income in excess of c.2m Euro, and expertise in the natural and social sciences. Their staff have expertise in economics, sociology, labour market analysis, human resource management, education and training, architecture, urban design, housing, transport, and environmental analysis.