The Institute of Marine Environment and Resources (IMER) was established in 1959 with its beginning name of Oceanographical Survey Team and is a governmental research institution in marine and coastal area.
There are now 86 researchers and workers in the IMER.

The IMER is belonging to Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology that is directly directed by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. The functions of the IMER are as follows:

• Fundamental researches and application of advanced technologies to the fields of coastal, marine and islandish environment and resources.

Consulting contributions to the policies and strategies of marine resources development and environmental protection.

The IMER has 6 main tasks as following:

Investigation and study on aspects of science and technology in the fields of marine environment and resources.

Research and proposition of the measures to be taken for the protection and sustainable development of marine resources and environment and natural hazard response.

Providing services in marine science and technology.

Cooperation with national institutions and production units on aspects of marine resources and environment.

International cooperation on marine environment and resources researches.

Organization of training courses on marine environment and resources.

Within the IMER, there are 8 departments for four main areas of marine geo-environment, marine chemistry, physical oceanography, marine biology; one office and one experiment station.
Apart from these units, the IMER has a collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment ò Vietnam to carry out coastal environment monitoring with 6 stations in the northern coast of Vietnam and one air quality monitoring station for coastal zone of northern part of Vietnam.