WP5 - Data integration


  • To provide the metadata, data collection and analysis framework for the SECOA project;

  • To establish a common data architecture, classification and recording system;

  • To integrate data sets across Work Packages (WP);

  • To set protocols for data collection within national and international standards;

  • To establish metadata classification and definitions, in order to enable integration and consolidation of data for analysis, scenario building and comparability.


  • Project metadata standards and high-level data classification system (N5.1)

  • Centralised metadata repository for use by all teams (N5.2)

  • Centralised data repository for use by all teams (N5.3)

  • Integrated/Consolidated datasets for use in further analysis (D5.1)

  • Data archive legacy (D5.2)


The partner responsible for the accomplishment of this Work Package is the London Metropolitan University - UK