WP7 - Methodology and tools for appropriate policies


The main purpose is to create methodology and practical tools for appropriate policies of resource management, able to:

  • manage effectively conflicts between institutions and resource user groups;
  • use efficiently the scarce natural resources;
  • develop innovative institutional arrangements able to cope with conflicts and resource scarcity in the coastal and urban/metropolitan areas studies;
  • provide for more systematic and efficient application of scientific knowledge in resource management and policy.


  • Handbook “Knowledge and action synthesis for urban resource management” (D7.1)

  • Report: “Conceptual model, assessment matrix, policy instruments for conflict resolution” (N7.1)

  • Report: “Conceptual model, indicators and policy instruments for resource management and distribution” (N7.2)

  • Report: “Toolbox for local/urban resource management and conflict mitigation” (D7.2)

  • Report: “Institutional innovation and cooperation in urban resource management” (D7.3)

  • Model plan “Conflict mitigation and reconciliation action for pilot projects of integrated and cooperative resource management” (D7.4)


The partner responsible for the accomplishment of this Work Package is Gothenburg University - SWEDEN

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D7.1 Input report: Handbook “Knowledge and action synthesis for urban resource management” (Month 30)