WP8 - Scenario building


  • To develop an analytical process to generate alternative scenarios within a wider/global perspective of urban sustainable development in coastal areas;

  • To draw up a set of plausible scenarios with the involvement of researchers, stakeholders and end-users in the scenario building process;

  • To select the most plausible scenario and draw conclusions and recommendations for future policy development and management of coastal urban areas;

  • To promote the use and dissemination of the scenario conclusions and recommendations to other end-users, not only in the participating countries but in other countries as well.


  • Scenario Building Baseline Report, summarizing key features/information (N8.1)

  • Scenario Report, detailing for each scenario the consequences for conflict management in coastal urban areas (D8.1)

  • Conflict Solving and Management Support Guide, for coastal urban areas (D8.2)

  • Pilot Studies Report (SDSS application) (D8.3)


Partner responsible for the accomplishment of this Work Package is the Institute of Geography and Urban Planning - University of Lisbon - PORTUGAL